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1. Hard Fisting

There's something truly incredible about witnessing a hot sexy whore getting stuffed with a big fat fist in her pussy and even her ass. Seeing those small holes stretched to the max to accommodate such large objects is highly erotic and fully explored in both explicit video and graphic pictures inside Hard Fisting. It can take a lot of practice to learn how to take a full fist into either her pussy or her ass, and these sexy porn sluts have been practicing super hard for a long time to make it look as easy and natural as they do in these mesmerizing fisting scenes. Watch as one, then two, three, four and finally all five fingers easily slide deep inside those wet pink holes, the whole fist being swallowed and then pumping back and forth internally for some incredibly intense sensations that make these hardcore fisted fuck-dolls shout out with intensely raw and highly erotic orgasmic pleasure.

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2. Max Fisting

Fisting is practically an art-form! It takes a lot of practice and an open mind to get used to having a whole fist shoved deep inside your pussy and ass, and the sexy bitches at Max Fisting have done all their homework so you can enjoy thousands of hardcore videos and intense pictorials that showcase their amazing skills. Watching a hot bitch sliding her big fist all the way into her lovers hot wet pussy makes for excellent entertainment! See her sliding one, then two, three, four and finally every single digit into those warm wet holes in graphically explicit video and picture content. Occasionally you'll be treated to two fists in one hole, or a baseball bat up the cunt, and some sluts can go almost elbow deep for overwhelmingly powerful hardcore action. Bottom line for fisting fans; Max Fisting has exactly what you're looking for, and then some!

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3. Fuck That Machine

Every man wishes he owned a full service garage. No, not so he could work on his vehicle all day. When we say full service we mean filled with forty-one different types of lube and enough new cooner to try out every position on some of the world's most amazing sex toys. Fuck That Machine puts pussy to the test as these porn stars take their fuck holes past the redline and see if they can ride all the way past the cum covered finish line!

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4. Fucking Machine 1000

Many mechanics have tried, but since the Fucking Machine 1000 was built back in 2006, nobody has managed to make a better climax-inducing piece of hardware. Chicks love it so much that they are happy to purchase tickets and wait in long lines just to get a few minutes in the driver's seat as the hydraulic piston bones their cunt and the pressure of their best orgasm ever builds up beyond the point of no return. Strap in, sit back and try not to get soaked while watching!

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Robots Wide

5. Fucking Robots

First these fucking robots took away our jobs, now they're taking over our women! How can men compete with these tireless fuck machines that just keep pounding those tight pussies until they explode? We feature a myriad of machines from sybians, breastcups, handheld dildo drillers, clit vacuumers and even a huge piston fuck meister, all designed to give both pleasure and pain to our horny and willing subjects! Watch these women get pumped into submission!

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6. Intense Penetrations

Sometimes you fuck someone and you are just going through the motions so you can get off. Everyone has done that before, just passing the time until you can get with a girl worth firing up your best sex skills for in much more Intense Penetrations. You the kind of girl you fuck so hard in the pussy that she tells you can feel some pressure all the way up in the roof of her mouth?! Probing thrusts and powerful piston-popping strokes turn your dick into the hardcore sex machine of her dreams. Hard as steel and hammering her holes while she screams pound me' and wave after wave of multiple-orgasm emotions crash through her. Turn up the intensity with this amazing HD exclusive porn video collection!

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7. Severe Penetrations

Proving bigger IS always better, Severe Penetrations puts meter long dildo monsters and all kinds of machine tools to work poling the holes of today's hottest pornstars. How big is too big to fit in the tight ass or wet pink pussy of a porn whore? There's only one way to find out take the free preview of the best extreme penetration site online right now and see it all!

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8. Real DP Dolls

Your friend comes over with a hot girl and tells you he owes you one so he is gonna share her with you. The question you have to ask yourself if top or bottom? Real DP Dolls are always wide open for double penetration sex but they can't choose the hole for you, so what's it gonna be? Ass or pussy? Thankfully you've got all these HD exclusive DP videos to watch while you make up your mind and finally find the right hole to fuck on your friend's girlfriend!

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9. Punishing White Assholes

These girls have been very naughty little bitches. The details are unclear but what IS known is her punishment, some old-fashioned anal reinforcement! Yes, we've found monstrously huge black cocks and we're going to shove them in their asses. We'll fuck that bad behavior right out along with her soon-to-be black brown eye. We're bringing these unrepentant whores back to school. School of hard knocks? Hardly. Try hard, black 10 inch + cocks and all these bitches are staying after class til they take it right!

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10. Big League Squirters

The best squirting pornstars are Big League Squirters. Each gal summons gallons of goo in for a fantastic female ejaculation spraying crystal clear cum out of her pussy as she blows out a big wet orgasm and a geyser of the sexiest female fluids all over bedroom stadium!

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